Surveys and more surveys for your needs, thoughts about us and the work we are performing for you.  We are in the process of preparing several surveys so please check later to see what we have posted.


Member Satisfaction Survey  (This survey has ended. Thank you to all who participated.  We will be announcing the bill credit winners shortly.)   We want to know what you think about your electric cooperative.  Please take a few minutes to answer this survey.  To be entered into the drawing for the five $50 bill credits, four $100 bill credits and one $250 Visa Gift Card, please enter your name and account number.  Thank you! 

Winners for the Member Satisfaction Survey

$50 dollar Bill Credits: Kaitlyn Doan, Richard Hribar, Robin Schmale, Llewlyn Kauffman, Gertrude Trimble

$100 dollar Bill Credits: Roger Hills, Roger Boyd, Ashley Ford, Gerald King

$250 dollar  Visa Gift Card: Gary Cavanaugh

The bill credits will be posted to electric accounts and will reduce your bill by the amount you won.


Tri-County REC Broadband Survey  (This survey has ended.  Thank you to all who participated.)  Are You Happy With Your Internet Service?  In our 80-year history of providing electricity, Tri-County REC's (Trico) focus has not changed and won't change, we are committed to delivering services to our members. Broadband Internet is as important to the  current and future growth of our service territory as electricity was when we were formed in 1938. We want to gauge your level of interest regarding how Trico can improve your quality  of life through telecommunications services. In a world of video streaming, telecommuting, video conferencing and online education, connectivity is not a luxury; it's a necessity. It is unfortunate that many homeowners and businesses in our service territory have insufficient access to reliable Internet service. With high-speed Internet, our member-owners and others in the region would have access to all the amenities the Internet connected world has to offer. It would encourage business investments in our communities and job opportunities. Is it cost effective for Trico to offer broadband services to your home or business? We are not sure yet. By answering a few of our questions, we will know if Trico should explore this option. Please take the following survey and let us know what you think!