Energy Star Appliances


Appliance Rebate Program made available by LEEP – Local Energy Efficiency Program from PREA.

Program Objective
Encourage members to upgrade old, inefficient appliances.

Program Description
A rebate program for energy-efficient appliances and electric vehicles (EVs) purchased by the members of Tri-County REC.

Tri-County will provide a rebate to members in the form of a credit to their electric account for the purchase of Energy Star-rated appliances and electric vehicles or electric vehicle chargers using the following guidelines:

  • Appliance must be Energy-Star rated.
  • Electric vehicle must be 100% battery powered; hybrids not eligible. $500 per electric vehicle.
  • Rebate will be 15% of the appliance cost, up to $250 per appliance.
  • $400 maximum rebate per voting member.
  • Rebate calculated on the cost of the appliance only. Does not include sales tax or extended warranties.
  • Appliance rebates will be given for the following Energy Star rated appliances: Refrigerator,
    Freezer, Dishwasher, Clothes Washer, Dryer, Dehumidifier, Window Air Conditioner, Air Source Heat Pumps/Mini Splits, Electric Hybrid Water Heater, Electric Stove, Microwave Oven, Electric Vehicle Charger.

Appliance Rebate
Appliances must be purchased after January 1, 2021. The “Appliance Rebate” form must be filled out
and signed. A copy of the sales receipt, with the appliance highlighted or circled must be submitted. This information can be mailed to or dropped off at our Mansfield office. The rebate will be applied to the member’s account. Multiple appliance rebates will be accepted per voting member, with the total rebate not to exceed $400.

Electric Vehicle Rebate
Electric vehicle must be 100% electric and purchased new after January 1, 2021.  The rebate form will be included in one of the monthly bills and will also be printed in Penn Lines and available on our web site.

This program is not considered any kind of warranty or guarantee for the appliances purchased. It will only be valid provided the requirements listed in this document are met. The rebates will be given on a first-come basis and limited by the amount of LEEP funds we receive from PREA. The rebate program will end when all funds have been given out as rebates and the balance is zero.

If you have any questions regarding energy efficiency rebates, please call the Tri-County REC Member Services Department at 570-662-2175.

*The rebate funds have been exhausted this year and we can no longer fulfill any rebates.