Mansfield, PA — Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative and Tri-Co Connections recently hosted their annual all-employee safety breakfast on Friday, February 23. Led by co-CEOs Rachel Hauser and Aaron Young, along with C&T Vice President of Safety Pete Yastishock, the event emphasized the significance of preparedness and appreciated the commitment of longstanding employees.

Yastishock delivered a powerful safety message that prompted the attention of his colleagues. Drawing inspiration from the gravity and darkness of The Great Halifax Explosion, an infamous historic tragedy that resulted in over 2,000 fatalities and more than 9,000 injuries, he stressed the significance of “Taking Time for Safety.”

Yastishock drew inferences from The Great Halifax Explosion and applied them to each Tri-County employee’s daily practices and responsibilities. He emphasized the critical factors of cohesive communication, training, coordination, and emergency procedures. Yastishock encouraged his colleagues to reflect on the possible differences in outcomes during the tragedy if these factors had been managed differently.

New employees were also welcomed to the Tri-County REC family, including Amanda Giles, Michael Hanawalt, Cody Morgan, Joshua Nudd, Angelica Owen, Elizabeth Smith, Tucker St. Peter, and Casey Wood (C&T). In addition, employees with dedicated years of service were recognized for their commitment to the cooperative:

5 Years: Karen DeLong, Justin Earle, Devin Geiser, Austin Helmuth, Drake Schmouder, and April Shaw

10 Years: Krystle Earle and Mark Hoff 15 Years: Mike Lewis

20 Years: Brian White 25 Years: Jim Succowich

40 Years: Cheryl LeBlanc (C&T)

The event served as a poignant reminder of Tri-County’s unwavering dedication to prioritizing safety and the overall well-being of its employees. “Pete, our safety director, may speak about safety extensively, but its significance only resonates if each individual genuinely cares about it and consciously upholds its importance in every aspect of our daily operations,” explained Rachel Hauser, Co-CEO. “I thank you for your commitment to safety.”